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Practical training and internationality in chemistry

Julian Kober values practice and internationality

Julian Kober is 20 years old and currently in the fourth semester of his bachelor’s degree in Applied Chemistry at IMC Krems. He is from Pressbaum in Lower Austria, where he went to a local high school before he started his studies at IMC Krems. 

Portrait von Julian Kober im Labor

Julian Kober is doing his internship in Canada because internationality is very important to him.

Julian, what do you like to do in your leisure time?

In addition to my studies, I work as a guide at the climbing park in Purkersdorf. When I am not having lectures, I like to do all different kinds of sports and meet with friends.

What made you decide for Applied Chemistry at IMC Krems?

I decided to study Applied Chemistry in Krems due to the programme, which contains a lot of practical exercises. Another aspect for my decision was the international contacts, which helped me to get an internship at the Brock University in Canada for my practical training semester. I was surprised that a lot of students from all over the world study in Krems and you can get to know different people from different cultures.

What did you like best?

The most interesting courses in the Applied Chemistry programme are organic chemistry and all the laboratory sessions where I gained a lot of valuable experiences.

What do you plan for the time after graduation?

After finishing my bachelor’s degree, I want to continue my studies in the field of organic chemistry.

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