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Business meets wine: A special bachelor degree programme

Our International Wine Business students and alumni talk about their studies in videos

In videos, students and graduates of our bachelor degree programme International Wine Business talk about the reasons for their choice of study and the special features of their degree programme.

Im Bachelor-Studiengang werden sowohl betriebswirtschaftliche als auch rechtliche, weinbauliche und önologische Aspekte beinhaltet.

The bachelor degree programme includes business administration as well as legal, viticultural and oenological aspects.

The videos focus on general reasons for studying, examples of the international orientation and the focus on marketing and sales as well as wine know-how and wine tastings. In addition, they provide a look at different career paths after graduatio.

A successful start in the family business

Many of our students come from winegrowing families themselves. For them, the degree programme offers the perfect basis for taking on the business at a later date and successfully managing and expanding it.

In addition to wine knowledge, the students also deal with the marketing and export of wines - an aspect that is of increasing importance for Austrian wineries.

Business Administration +

The degree programme thus offers an ideal combination of business content and knowledge of viticultural and oenological aspects. It not only deals with special features of the Austrian wine market, but also looks beyond the borders: International wine markets and regions are closely examined and the worldwide marketing and export of wines is a central aspect of the course.

Of course, the sensory analysis of wines - i.e. the evaluation of the characteristics of wines such as colour and clarity, smell and aroma, consistency, temperature and of course taste - also plays an important role in the programme. Students acquire these skills through wine seminars and tastings with selected experts.

Our graduates are, therefore, ideally equipped for all business management activities in the wine and beverage industry - and all this on an international level.

Studying in the middle of one of the most famous wine regions in Austria

Krems is surrounded by vineyards and some of the top wine-growing areas in Austria. Visits to well-known regional wineries are, therefore, a regular feature of the programme. A perfect opportunity to exchange and network with experts of the wine industry.

International community

In addition to a large international community in the programme, there is also the possibility of spending an exchange semester at one of our many partner universities. Furthermore, an internship semester is included in the curriculum - an additional opportunity to go abroad.

The course language, English, makes students fit for an international career worldwide or in export.

Voices of our students & alumni

Our students and graduates explain why the International Wine Business bachelor degree programme was exactly the right decision for them.

About International Wine Business

The English-language bachelor degree programme International Wine Business prepares students in six semesters for business management activities in the wine and beverage industry. It is the only bachelor's programme in Austria with a clear focus on the wine industry. In addition, the programme is characterised by a high degree of internationality - a particular benefit for all those who want to work internationally later on.


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