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Bachelor programme with a genuine Master of Wine

Andreas Wickhoff MW teaches on the International Wine Business degree programme how to describe wine

Wickhoff’s course is titled Wine Tasting and Description. But it’s about much more than that: he wants to kindle a passion for wine among his students. “Wine is such an emotional industry – if you’re passionate about the subject, you have a better chance to get ahead.”

Porträt von Andreas Wickhoff und Albert Stöckl

Andreas Wickhoff: “If you’re passionate about the subject, you have a better chance to get ahead.” Wickhoff teaches a course titled Wine Tasting and Description.

Learning from the leading lights

Wickhoff heads Weingut Bründlmayer, one of Austria’s leading businesses. Born in Styria, he has 15 years’ experience in the wine sector and also has one of the world’s most prestigious wine qualifications to his name – he is one of only three holders of the title of Master of Wine in Austria. “Our students learn from the very best,” comments Degree Programme Director Albert Stöckl. He brought Andreas Wickhoff on board at IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems.

Get the inside track in three semesters

Andreas Wickhoff reveals the exact structures that enable International Wine Business students to describe wine, as well as sharing a depth of knowledge that only an industry insider can draw on. Starting straight away in the first semester, students on the Wine Tasting and Description course learn to evaluate wines according to criteria such as smell, colour, aromas and mouthfeel. “It’s all about making objective statements based on subjective perceptions. This is what we practice over three semesters,” Wickhoff tells us. In addition, students are introduced to various wine-producing regions around the world. “It dovetails perfectly,” says Albert Stöckl.

Keeping up with the latest wine-industry trends

How has sparkling wine evolved in Austria? What do Gen Zers drink? What impact is climate change having on winemaking? IMC Krems students know all about the latest developments in the wine industry. “The degree programme is an attractive option for anyone who comes from a winemaking background or is aiming for a career in the wine trade. Because it also includes courses in business administration and English, which provide ideal foundations, including for positions with an international element,” Andreas Wickhoff adds.

Besides the international focus, digitalisation also plays an important part at IMC Krems. Which is why the degree programme has developed the Remote Tasting Lab, which offers wine tasting expertise in a digital format. Nevertheless, Andreas Wickhoff prefers to work with students face to face – the most effective way to spark their enthusiasm and share the feeling that wine is something really special!

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