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Insights into the thriving arts, cultural and research scene

IMC Krems is a partner in the new online magazine ask – art & science krems

The online platform acts as an interface between the cultural and academic institutions in Krems and provides up-to-date content on relevant topics for a general audience.

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© iStock_Ignatiev/Stadt Krems The new online magazine provides readers with fascinating insights into arts, culture and education in Krems

The new online magazine ask – art & science krems, an initiative of Krems City Council, offers fresh perspectives on arts and culture, science and education. In conjunction with the cultural and academic institutions in Krems, and the Province of Lower Austria, the council has launched the online portal to strengthen the town’s reputation as an academic, scientific and cultural hub. Another aim of the project is to identify links between the participating institutions – connections that might not jump out at first sight. Presenting the institutions on this shared platform will raise the profile of Krems as a centre of culture and education, and help sharpen its positioning. 

Future issues facing society

Edited by Astrid Kuffner and Nina Schedlmayer, the interviews and reports in ask magazine explore current topics from the worlds of arts and science, highlighting issues for the future and discussing questions that face society. Organised in six sections, the portal features behind-the-scenes articles about the academic and cultural institutions in Krems, as well as profiles of the people who work for them and details of their projects. One of the first interviews, with up-and-coming researcher Birgit Teufer, is already online. Birgit Teufer is a research assistant and PhD candidate at IMC Krems, working in the Institute of Business Administration and Management at the Department of Business. In 2021 she was awarded a Wissen schaf[f]t Zukunft prize by the Province of Lower Austria for her outstanding research work. The research for her PhD thesis involves examining the impact of alternative consumer networks on sustainable development, with a focus on regional development. 

“At IMC Krems we think it’s very important to shine a spotlight on our researchers, and their projects and achievements. By appearing together with the various institutions, we are creating a powerful platform for public communications and presenting scientific and cultural content, as well as clearly positioning the city. It’s a way of showing what a diverse, thriving and special cultural and research centre Krems is,” commented Ulrike Prommer, CEO of IMC Krems. 

Linking science, arts and culture

Krems City Council is the lead partner and initiator of the project.  IMC Krems is one of the project partners, along with the University for Continuing Education Krems (Danube University Krems), Danube Private University, Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences, the University College of Teacher Education Vienna/Krems (KPH), Kunstmeile Krems and NÖ Festival und Kino Gesellschaft.  The Province of Lower Austria and MSD Animal Health Danube Biotech GmbH are providing funding and support for the project.

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