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Applied Chemistry as a chance

Kseniia Dubivka and Kyryl Bocharov are from Ukraine and are now studying in the Applied Chemistry bachelor degree programme at IMC Krems. Kseniia’s interests are mostly connected to Asian culture as she likes manga, anime, and light novels. She also likes learning languages, especially more complicated ones, and watching videos on the world history. Kyryl’s hobbies are listening to music and playing the guitar. He wants to achieve scientific success in the field of organic chemistry.

Porträt von Kseniia Dubivka und Kyryl Bocharov

Kseniia Dubivka and Kyryl Bocharov are from Ukraine and are now studying in the Applied Chemistry bachelor degree programme at IMC Krems.

Why did you decide to study in the Applied Chemistry bachelor degree programme at IMC Krems?

Kyryl: After the start of a full-scale war, I was alone in a European country and as a result I decided to stay here and find a suitable university for my profession. I came across IMС Krems, where half of the degree programmes are taught in English, so I chose it.
Kseniia: At the time Kyryl wrote about IMC Krems in a student chat, I was wondering if I should try studying in Warsaw in a language I did not understand well or if it is better to try graduating from the Karazin University in Kharkiv, which meant studying 1.5 more years online as the university is half ruined. I did not think that there were universities outside Poland that would allow a student to join in the middle of the semester. And at that moment, Kyryl wrote that he was in the process of enrollment at IMC Krems on a study programme that looked like everything I had wanted to study ever since high school. And it was in English.

What have been the highlights of your studies so far?

Kseniia: The first thing that surprised me was how much Professor Uwe Rinner helped me with pretty much everything. I did not even know exactly what I needed to do after arriving in Austria, only that I had to go to Krems and call Professor Rinner. Later I discovered that every time I asked for help at IMC Krems, someone helped me, even if I did not understand what I needed help with. I was not a good student back home and currently I am repeating most of the courses from my home university, only this time I understand it.

Which contents of the degree programme do you like best?

Kyryl: I like to work in the lab, which is great for chemists and I like that the programme is taught in English, so I can develop my language skills. Also the teachers and classmates are very friendly.
Kseniia: The most interesting courses for me are biochemical ones, but I did not have them yet, so I cannot say much. Based on my current experience, I really like how practical the degree programme is. Lab works, informatics, even the writing course from the next semester. I wrote three course theses back home, yet I do not know how they should be written, as I only relied on the internet to guide me. I think practical knowledge is as important as theoretical knowledge, and I am happy that the Applied Chemistry degree programme provides both.

What is special about IMC Krems?

Kseniia: As I see it, the most special thing about IMC Krems is how easy it is to imagine your future after the university. There are courses that teach you things that you will need in the future and that you can apply for even now, and there are also many services that will help you with your problems as well as with your aspirations. Apart from this, the way of teaching here at IMC Krems is also very special for a university. I appreciate the fact that here it is not necessary to read 2-3 textbooks just to understand a subject. From my experience, textbooks here are means to deepen your understanding, but the base of it is formed during lectures and practice.
Kyryl: I appreciate the excellent laboratory equipment, the impressive university infrastructure and the teaching methodology in general.

What tip can you pass on to those who are interested in the Applied Chemistry bachelor degree programme at IMC Krems?

Kyryl: Studying at a university will always be challenging. I want to advise you to learn English and to make maximum efforts to achieve your goals. But do not worry, your teachers will always help you if something is not clear.​​​​​​​
Kseniia: Apply, you will not regret it!
For those, who have just graduated from school in Ukraine: You should visit the website of IMC Krems and have a look at the Applied Chemistry programme, also check students’ feedback, living and studying costs, services here, and think about it. I advise you to apply, you will always be able to return home if you want to.
For students whose universities were ruined and who will face online learning for an undetermined period of time, like it happened at Karazin University: You will not have to start from the beginning at IMC Krems. If you have any kind of proof about your prior studies, you will be helped with the rest. If you think you can study here in Krems, think about applying.


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