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An internship with rainforest atmosphere

Anna Haselböck is 25 years old and grew up in the countryside, more precisely in Münichreith am Ostrong in Lower Austria. Her parents own a typical Austrian inn including an in-house brewery - even then and even now Anna likes to help out occasionally.

Porträt von Anna Haselböck

“My biggest hobby is travelling - although I've been on the road a lot, I'm always drawn to faraway places!”

How would you describe yourself?

I'm a very open person with a sunny disposition and I'm up for any kind of fun! My biggest hobby is travelling - although I've been on the road a lot, I'm always drawn to faraway places! I also love animals, especially dogs and orcas fascinate me a lot. I can't wait to finally have my own dog - it would be ideal if he then accompanied me on my travels and we explored the world together.

Why did you decide to study at IMC Krems? Why the bachelor programme Tourism and Leisure Management?

The decision to start a degree programme was actually a spontaneous one. I was working in a travel agency in Linz when I suddenly heard a girl on the radio talking about studying tourism. Then I got curious and did some research - and that's how I came across IMC Krems. There were three decisive reasons why I finally decided to study Tourism and Leisure Management: The language of instruction was English, you had the opportunity to go abroad for two semesters and tourism has always interested me.

What were the highlights for you during your time at university?

My absolute highlight of my time as a student was the people I got to meet along the way! I am so grateful that I was able to make so many new contacts and make friends for life!

What was your favourite part of the programme?

I liked the subjects Marketing, Management and Sustainable Tourism best of all - the content was not only interesting, but the respective professors also made the lectures very exciting. I also really enjoyed Spanish, as I generally like languages and have already spent some time travelling in Spanish-speaking countries.

Where and how did you spend your internship semester? How did you like your internship?

I spent my internship semester in Costa Rica in a small town called Sámara. It was just indescribably great! I worked at the reception in a small hotel with rainforest flair and I was able to develop a lot both professionally and linguistically. In addition, I realised during this time that we in Austria have a very high standard of living compared to the people in Costa Rica and that we should go through life a little more grateful.

What is special about IMC Krems?

The special thing for me was the international focus. Apart from the opportunity to go abroad, you generally meet many international students and you get to know all kinds of different cultures!

Why does studying pay off, apart from the acquisition of knowledge?

It is simply an unforgettable experience that no one can take away from you! You don't just get to know great people, but also your personal limits. So you are constantly developing and learning a lot about yourself.

What are your plans after graduation?

I just finished my studies, now I'm going to enjoy the summer and then go to Australia in autumn to do "Travel & Work" - I'm so excited!

What tip can you pass on to those who are interested in the bachelor degree programme Tourism and Leisure Management at IMC Krems?

You should be an open-minded person and definitely want to travel! Then you can at least get everything out of your studies and also see the world a bit in between the stress of learning.

Tourism and Leisure Management

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