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A Day in the Life of an IMC Exchange Student

Angela Ramos Asencio, a student at one of our partner institutions, Universidad de Sevilla in Spain, shares her experience as an incoming exchange student at IMC Krems.

Portrait von Angela Ramos Asencio

Angela Ramos Asencio, a student at one of our partner institutions, Universidad de Sevilla in Spain, shares her experience as an incoming exchange student at IMC Krems.

What are you studying at IMC Krems, and what classes are you taking?

The year that I’m going to spend here in Krems I’ll be studying Tourism and Leisure Management full time, that includes different subjects like Transportation, Marketing, Tourist Behaviour and Psychology, and many other courses related to this sector.

In your opinion, what’s the biggest difference between the education style in Spain and Austria?

Since I’m here I have noticed a few differences in the education style compared to Spain. For example, at IMC Krems the professors are continuing looking for participation of students in class. They give us a lot of group assignments. In Spain it is a little different, there the students are not so actively participating and try to do papers on their own.

One major highlight and one major challenge?

A highlight would be the IMC university of applied sciences itself, it has a huge campus, so modernised and customised for students.
A challenge is that at IMC Krems we don’t have areas with microwaves where you can warm food. I am used to having it at my home university, Universidad de Sevilla.

Take us through a typical day at IMC Krems.

A typical day for me living here is going to class, then I try to go to the supermarket before 7 p.m. (at that time approximately they close), spend a little part of the day with my friends from the residence, for example going to the Danube river and having a picnic.

What piece of advice would you give to other students interested in studying abroad at IMC Krems?

In my opinion the IMC Krems is a very qualified university of applied sciences with professors that are aware of your situation as an Erasmus student so if you have any problem, they are always available to help you out.

What is it like to live in Krems?

Krems is not a huge city, but you can organize different cool activities. Krems has a lot of beautiful spots to visit and it is very close to other cities and villages so you can easily go there and spend a great day.

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