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The right course of study thanks to Bachelor Info Day

Stefanie Zeilinger studies Export-oriented Management at IMC Krems

On Thursday, 1 December, the Bachelor Info Day at IMC Krems will take place. Stefanie Zeilinger can recommend this to everyone. She herself was there a year ago and informed herself. The day was decisive for her to apply for the Export-oriented Management degree programme, she says: "I asked so many questions. People took a lot of time for me and talked to me, I really appreciated that!"

Stefanie Zeilinger

Stefanie Zeilinger attends the first semester of the Export-oriented Management bachelor degree programme at IMC Krems. Photo credit: © ATTILA MOLNAR

Stefanie Zeilinger is attending the first semester of the Export-oriented Management bachelor programme. Here she studies with colleagues from all over the world. The nationalities range from Sri Lanka to Mexico to the Philippines. Although she has only been a student at IMC Krems for about two months, Stefanie Zeilinger can already report quite a bit about her degree programme - and all of it positive. One of the main reasons why the 19-year-old decided to study was the English language. "At the beginning, I was a little sceptical about the fact that it was completely in English. But after only two months I became much more confident about it," says the native Upper Austrian happily.

Students from all over the world

There are quite a few nationalities represented in Stefanie's degree programme: Sri Lanka, Mexico, Czech Republic, France, USA, Philippines, Hungary ... Quite international. And that's exactly what Stefanie particularly appreciates: "You don't have to go abroad to get to know international cultures. It's just so much more than just a business degree!"

Business administration with an international focus

The Export-oriented Management bachelor programme focuses on international business, especially international trade. In the first three semesters, students receive a broad basic foundation in business administration. Some key figures show that export is an important factor: This year, 60 percent of Austria's gross domestic product was already generated by exports. But graduates can work not only in the export industry, but also in other areas such as marketing, accounting, human resources management, etc.

Experience abroad

In addition, students learn a second foreign language. Stefanie chose Spanish, for example. But Chinese, Russian, French, Italian or German (for those who have a different mother tongue) are also taught. In the third and fourth semesters, students have the opportunity to improve their language skills and gain experience abroad. With over 160 partner universities, IMC Krems is very well positioned. Stefanie would definitely like to spend a semester abroad in Spain: "I'm already particularly looking forward to it!"

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