Institutsleiter Uwe Rinner begutachtet Forschungsergebnisse

Institute of Applied Chemistry

Organic chemistry – analytical chemistry – materials science

The Institute of Applied Chemistry is currently focusing on a range of organic chemistry topics, extending from synthesis of biologically active compounds to production of functional prepolymers and the development of new synthesis methods.

The institute also uses biotechnological processes to produce starting  materials for the manufacture of highly functionalised products. These fermenting processes convert aromatic compounds into the corresponding cyclohexanediols, which are valuable chiral components for synthesis projects.

Bringing applied chemistry to life

Teaching plays a major and central role at the Institute of Applied Chemistry. The institute manages the English-language Applied Chemistry bachelor degree programme, and also offers creative, tailor-made continuing education, training and development programmes for people working in the chemical industry. These include the Surface Technology course, and other courses are in the pipeline.

Reliable contract research partner

The Institute of Applied Chemistry acts as a bridge between basic and applied research. The institute’s staff look forward to receiving enquiries regarding contract research, and are also happy to provide consulting services.

" Integrating the latest research topics into teaching is vital because it enables students to pursue successful careers in chemistry. And for us, teaching them about responsible use of resources and protection of the environment is just as important. "

Uwe Rinner, Head of the Institute of Applied Chemistry


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