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Student satisfaction continues to receive top marks

IMC Krems is a good choice in students' opinion

The 2018 Universum Talent Research survey has once again confirmed an exceptionally high level of student satisfaction at IMC Krems. 

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IMC Krems continuously gets great results at the Universum Talent Research.

International, professional and innovative – these are the key characteristics that students associate with the university. Students also particularly appreciate IMC Krems’ dynamic and very open atmosphere. The survey results also showed an above-average proportion of students with international experience, gained both during their studies and on internships – a contributing factor to the notable international mindset among students at IMC Krems. Over 10,000 students were interviewed nationwide about their career ambitions and perceptions of higher education providers for the 2018 Universum Talent Research survey.

Top student satisfaction

As in previous years, IMC Krems received top scores in the most important category – student satisfaction. The survey measured students’ willingness to recommend their own university, their general satisfaction and whether they would opt for the same university again if they had the choice. Some of the reasons for such high student satisfaction include the impressive graduate employment rate, the university's good reputation among employers and the excellent foundation for an international career that an IMC Krems education provides. It is also striking that an international mindset is more pronounced among IMC Krems students than those at other universities. These ‘internationalists’ exhibit global skills and attitudes that enable them to succeed in their careers, take advantage of market and growth opportunities, respond effectively to complex situations and make a positive impression on people from different cultures and backgrounds than themselves.

International careers are launched at Krems

IMC Krems students particularly value its international reputation, its friendly, open atmosphere, and the positive effect its good reputation has on their subsequent education and careers. Since one of students’ top three career goals is long-term job security, they appreciate that the employment rate for IMC Krems graduates stands at 98%. The IMC Krems Career Center provides outstanding support for a career launch, offering students genuine added value and providing solid advice.

 “IMC Krems strives to support its students as effectively as possible during their studies, to offer them a wide range of opportunities in research and industry, and to thoroughly prepare them for embarking on their careers or career advancement. That’s why we are especially proud to see that, once again, we’ve managed to score particularly well in terms of student satisfaction. IMC Krems is synonymous with high quality teaching, excellent career opportunities and a strong network, which has again been confirmed by the 2018 Universum Talent Research survey,” explained IMC Krems’ CEO Ulrike Prommer, clearly delighted with the excellent results.

About Universum

Universum is an independent consultancy and a leading global employer branding specialist. For over 28 years it has been helping companies to strengthen their employer branding with lasting effect, as well as attract and retain the right talent. By partnering with thousands of universities and organisations, it surveys over one million talented individuals every year. Between October 2017 and May 2018, a total of 10,125 students were surveyed, including 395 IMC Krems students from all of its departments.