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Highly qualified informatics specialists trained in Krems

Starting in autumn 2019, IMC Krems will offer a new English-language bachelor degree programme.

Digitalisation is not only fundamentally changing the world of work, it is also opening up new job opportunities: demand for informatics experts who are up to speed on all the latest developments in artificial intelligence, data science, data analytics and business intelligence is stronger than ever before.


The English-language bachelor degree programme Informatics will start at IMC FH Krems in autumn 2019.

An English-language degree programme designed to produce the experts of the future is currently taking shape at IMC Krems.

“Just picture a person who can work as a programmer, analyst, communicator and trusted consultant,” says programme director Deepak Dhungana, sharing his picture of the informatics graduate of the future. “By building software, carrying out calculations and analysis, and finding relationships in data sets that nobody had reckoned with, we’re creating something new. We’re laying the groundwork for decision-making and driving forward the process of digitalisation,” the Nepalese informatics expert adds. He also emphasises that in future, informatics will be viewed as a link between all subjects, and computer scientists will participate in interdisciplinary collaboration with the likes of biologists, chemists and mechanical engineers.

Highly coveted on the job market

According to a report in Austrian daily newspaper Der Standard in March 2019, 54,000 informatics experts are required in Germany alone, while companies are also desperately looking for software developers and IT application consultants. In view of the growing volume of data being generated, companies are increasingly under pressure to evaluate and make use of those data in order to remain competitive.

This calls for experts who are familiar with the subject and can support companies in the digital information age. Various job portals and IT platforms have also reported on the outstanding employment opportunities available to informatics graduates. This highlights the need for new training programmes on which students can acquire the abilities they will need in the future. 

Informatics at IMC Krems

The English-language Informatics bachelor degree programme which starts at IMC Krems in autumn 2019 has been developed in line with the needs of the contemporary job market. Besides providing students with theoretical knowledge, the primary focus is on giving them the tools required to take on positions of responsibility straight after graduating. The programme is taught in English, as the majority of graduates will go on to enter a predominantly English-speaking working environment.

“The Informatics programme helps you to keep pace with the latest developments and play a part in shaping tomorrow’s world,” comments degree programme director Deepak Dhungana. 

Applications for the bachelor programme can be submitted online until 31 August 2019.