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Young Scientist Award

Award for outstanding IMC Krems graduates

This year, IMC Krems has introduced a new award for outstanding theses written by young researchers at the university. The Young Scientist Award was presented to six graduates by the IMC Krems Academic Board and Executive Management at the graduation ceremonies held at the beginning of July. The winning bachelor and master papers were chosen on the basis of various criteria, including academic  excellence, relevance for society, international perspectives and outstanding innovation.

The Young Scientist Award was presented to six graduates during the graduation ceremonies at the beginning of July. The picture shows Eva Weingartmair with the head of the college Martin Waiguny (left) and the head of the study programme Markus Latzke (right).

Covering subjects ranging from virtual reality, the new world of work and economic geography to nursing and requirements for the production of drug carriers, the theses reflected the broad spectrum of research focuses at IMC Krems as well as the outstanding quality of all the submitted papers. Graduates who had achieved exceptional marks and produced the most innovative theses were honoured with the award. “The Young Scientist Award is intended to turn the spotlight on excellent degree papers. Every year, students at our university record outstanding achievements that deserve special recognition with an award such as this," commented Academic Board Chairperson Martin Waiguny proudly. 

“I’m delighted that our graduates are being singled out for their dedication and achievements thanks to the Young Scientist Award. The award winners have produced excellent findings on highly fascinating, cutting-edge research questions. Their performance underlines once again that we are heading in the right direction at IMC Krems in terms of teaching, our strong practical focus, our international outlook and digitalisation activities,” added IMC Krems CEO Udo Brändle.

The award winners were:


  • Sarah Mildner: Exergames zur Sturzprophylaxe bei älteren Personen (Exergames as a means of preventing falls among the elderly) – Applied Health Sciences master degree programme
  • Adrian Lendvai: Formulation, processing and storage of archaeosomes – 
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology master degree programme
  • Kitti Eredics: Competencies of young leaders for the new world of work evolving from the pandemic – Digital Business Innovation and Transformation master degree programme
  • Ingrid Fritz, BSc: Jungväter und ihre Bedürfnisse im Stillmanagement (Young fathers and their needs in breastfeeding management) – Advanced Nursing Practice master programme
  • Pascal Mittermayer: The geography of discontent in Austria: 
  • How does discontent influence elections outcome , based on Austrian election data? – International Business and Economic Diplomacy master programme
  • Eva Weingartmair: Aktiv im Ruhestand: Bridge Employment gegen den Pflegekräftemangel in Österreich – eine qualitative Studie (Active in retirement: bridge employment as a means to counter the shortage of care workers in Austria – a qualitative study) – Business Administration for the Health Care Sector bachelor degree programme
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