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International Spirit at IMC Krems

The international spirit is a quality that many at IMC Krems have come to value highly. Our partner universities are an important building block for this.


An exchange semester is possible at one of our 179 partner universities in 56 countries around the world.

Study abroad

An exchange semester is possible at one of our 179 partner universities in 56 countries around the world. The application deadline for exchange mobilities is 17.01.2024.

Our students can find out about Exchange Semester in advance at various online info sessions in November. Dates and access links are available here.

Dual Degree - Get two degrees at the same time

Some IMC degree programmes maintain particularly close cooperation with selected partner universities and offer the possibility to complete a so-called dual degree. Within the framework of Dual Degree Agreements, partner universities agree on mutual credits for equivalent study contents of otherwise independent study programmes. Students of a dual degree programme can thus obtain two degrees in parallel.

A dual degree is possible at 7 partner universities:

  • Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
  • Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
  • Kedge Business School - Bordeaux Campus (France)
  • Turku University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
  • Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences (Germany)
  • University of the Sunshine Coast (Australia)
  • Linköping University (Sweden)

IMC Transnational Locations

We offer higher education in countries all over the world. Students from Krems are welcome at Thuongmai University (Vietnam) and Tashkent State University of Economics (Uzbekistan). Detailed information is available on the eDesktop.


Erasmus+ is available to students going abroad as part of an exchange semester (at one of our partner universities), an internship or short-term mobility (e.g. Blended Intensive Programmes). Erasmus+ programme countries include all 27 EU member states as well as Iceland, Norway, Northern Macedonia, Liechtenstein, Serbia and Turkey. In some cases, global mobility is also possible: students can receive an Erasmus+ grant to go to countries all over the world (internship in Dubai, exchange semester in Florida, ...).

Erasmus+ offers additional support for students with limited possibilities (students with a disability, a chronic illness or students travelling with children).

Upcoming online info events on Erasmus+:

  • Erasmus+ for traineeships: 19 October, 18:30
  • Erasmus+ for study abroad: 27 November, 17:45h
  • Erasmus+ for BA students in health studies: 23 October, 18:30h

More information on semester abroad, Erasmus+ and Co can be found on our eDesktop page.
We look forward to receiving your message at international(at)fh-krems.ac.at


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