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IMC students score at Falstaff

Agnes Mantler, Alexander Türk and Paul Breuss have achieved great success in the wine industry with a 100-point wine and the category winner in "Alcohol-Free Aperitif".

Agnes Mantler, Paul Breuss und Alexander Türk

IMC students score at Falstaff! Agnes Mantler and the Mantlerhof received 100 points for the Ried Wieland 1ötw 2021. Paul Breuss and Alexander Türk won the category "Alcohol-free Aperitif" with JUZZ. Photo: © Pamela Schmatz

The extra touch. Going the extra mile. That's what makes the difference between good and excellent. For students of the International Wine Business bachelor degree programme, their hard work has paid off: The Verjus Drink JUZZZ by Alexander Türk and Paul Breuss was named the winner in the "Alcohol-Free Aperitif - ready to drink" category by wine magazine Falstaff. The Mantlerhof winery received an incredible 100 points for their Riesling Ried Wieland 1ötw 2021 - winemaker Agnes Mantler also studies at IMC Krems.

Keeping up with the times: the alcohol-free alternative

All three are united by their practical application of their knowledge from their studies in their wineries and projects. Alexander Türk and Paul Breuss use their marketing skills for JUZZZ. They developed the refreshing drink with Verjus, elderflower and lemon during their school years.

"Verjus is juice made from unripe grapes - a fantastic product," gushes Paul Breuss. "It has a lively acidity that is milder than vinegar. Perfect for creating exciting drinks." The drink offers a great alternative for those who don't want or can't drink alcohol. "Even the designated driver, expectant mothers, or athletes want to toast with a great drink from a beautiful glass. That's where JUZZZ comes in!"

How do you make a 100-point wine? 

Agnes Mantler studies together with her colleagues from JUZZZ. The winemaker is at the helm of Mantlerhof winery in Kremstal - alongside her brother Josef. The skills in online marketing, contacts with wine professionals and the press: the winemaker can make good use of many aspects from her studies in her business. Even accounting: "Knowing about accounting certainly doesn't hurt," she laughs.

The recent accolade from Falstaff has caused quite a stir: "We found out about the 100 points at the Hofburg on Monday evening. By the time we got home, our online shop had almost exploded," says Agnes Mantler. But how do you make a 100-point wine? It's nothing short of the highest rating. "Perhaps it's that one extra touch that you eventually take. Even when you're tired… even when you've already turned hundreds of little screws…" 

Birkenstock sandals and other trends

The award-winning Riesling comes from the Ried Wieland and grows on solid loess soil. "For us, it's naturally great to be at the top with Riesling," says Agnes Mantler. The creed behind it has remained the same for generations: following their own path, not every trend. "In the past, the term 'farmer' was almost an insult. Today, everyone wears Birkenstock sandals and finds agriculture cool. It shows how quickly things can change."

Agnes Mantler is proud to be a farmer - in addition to wine, agriculture is also part of the business. She herself switches between these worlds - and it only takes a few minutes. It's only a few kilometers from the farm in Brunn im Felde to IMC Krems. 

It's all in the mix

At the Türk winery, the Verjus harvest for 2023 is already complete. The grapes for the refreshing drink grow in Wolfsgraben. Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Weißburgunder. "We harvest them all together - it's also the mix of ripeness levels that makes the drink so special," say Alexander Türk and Paul Breuss. The same could be said for International Wine Business. Marketing, accounting, wine processing: the bachelor programme offers a well-rounded blend of business and wine. An education that connects people who will go far. Congratulations!

Author: Pamela Schmatz


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