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Climbing the career ladder with a concrete plan

For Marijana Judkins, the bachelor’s and master’s degrees in International Business and Export Management were much more than just studies. Her studies at IMC Krems had a lasting impact on her professional and private life.

Porträt von Marijana Judkins

Marijana Judkins completed the bachelor and master programmes in International Business and Export Management at IMC Krems.

After graduating from Hertha Firnberg School of Business and Tourism in Vienna, Marijana Judkins, née Androsevic, completed the bachelor and master programmes in International Business and Export Management at IMC Krems. At the same time, she completed a bachelor’s degree at NEOMA Business School in France as part of a double-degree programme. After positions as an account manager and project manager at Microsoft, Siteimprove and Improove, she now works at Otago Online Consulting GmbH in Vienna.

Why did you decide on the bachelor and master programmes in International Business and Export Management at IMC Krems?

The decisive factors for me were the appealing curriculum and international lecturers, most of whom also come from the field. In addition, the programme is taught in English and there are interesting opportunities through exchange semesters at partner universities. Practical relevance and project work, as well as the compulsory internships, are also among the real highlights. I took the opportunity to complete a double degree and am happy about this extra experience.

What did you particularly like about your master programme?

International Business and Export Management is a very well-rounded study programme. The lecturers actually work in the field they teach and share practical experience with the students. But there is also a private factor: I met my husband during my exchange year and made lifelong friends.

What is special about IMC Krems?

I find the international atmosphere unbeatable. Of course, the fact that the programme is taught in English also contributes to this. The very extensive range of courses caters for all interests.

What were the take aways for your job? Which part of the training are you particularly happy about?

I was able to immediately apply the ability to work on a project basis in my job. I also benefit from the presentation and communication skills all the time. In addition, I acquired a broad network of contacts through my studies at IMC Krems, which is very useful in my job.

Where do you work now and what is your function?

I am Head of Digital Growth at Otago Online Consulting, a digital online marketing agency. My focus is on consulting and developing growth strategies through digital online marketing activities and measures for our clients.

Which tips do you have for people who consider taking up a master programme at IMC Krems?

Think about what career you want to pursue afterwards, and from which lectures, specialisations, etc. you want to take away the most for your dream job. Check in advance which partner universities are suitable for you for a possible exchange semester. You should also take a close look at the curriculum and the specialisations, even if the specialisations are usually decided at the end – you need a plan for your studies. It is also important to decide whether you want to study full-time or part-time: here you choose between a training focus and the possibility to use your skills immediately.


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