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Aid for Ukraine – programme director helping on the ground

On Thursday 3 March, Markus Golla – Head of the Institut für Pflegewissenschaft and Director of the Gesundheits- und Krankenpflege bachelor programme at IMC Krems – and a team of volunteers set off for the Romanian-Ukrainian border with several truck loads of aid.

Porträt von Markus Golla

Markus Golla supplies people fleeing Ukraine with medical supplies and food. © Photo credit: Antal Imre

The project was initiated by the Verein für weltweite Nothilfe (Association for Global Emergency Aid), which Golla founded with the organisation’s chair Georg Jachan in 2021. Together, they have already implemented numerous aid projects. The first stop on Thursday was Siret on the Ukrainian border, where additional volunteers from Romania were waiting. Working alongside one another, they are assisting people fleeing Ukraine and providing them with food and medical support. Markus Golla will continue his journey into Ukraine, where he will set up an emergency facility with his team and continue to help the local population.

Donations reach those in need directly

“Anyone who has seen that look of desperation in a child’s eyes has no choice but to help,” said Golla, outlining his personal motivation for the project. Outside his work as head of the Institut für Pflegewissenschaft at IMC Krems, he devotes virtually all of his time to his aid projects. All donations to Verein für weltweite Nothilfe reach people in need of assistance. All team members are volunteers and are participating out of a desire to help their fellow human beings.

Proud of IMC nurses

Explaining how proud he is of his students – the IMC nurses – in particular, he adds: “Students learn about the UN’s Social Development Goals in the first semester and these will continue to accompany them throughout their lives. This forms the basis for ethical conduct. And I am very pleased to see that precisely these standards are already providing the motivation for some wonderful initiatives. On their own initiative, the students have produced a video that sends out a statement calling for peace. There is enough suffering in this world, and a war increases that suffering 1,000 times over. Peace is the only option. I am really proud to call myself the Head of Institute and Programme Director of these wonderful people."



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