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Blood drive in December

Blood donation saves lives

Together with the Austrian National Red Cross Society the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems organizes a blood donor campaign. Be part of it and help others.

11:30 - 16:30
Veranstaltungssaal (G1.E.20, G1.E.21)
Österreichisches Rotes Kreuz

This event is for:

  • everybody

Approximately 1,000 units of blood banks are needed every day in Austria. 
Blood donations can help save people's lives.
The Austrian National Red Cross Society is waiting of you at the IMC FH Krems.

Deadline is 30 minutes befor the end of the blood drive.
Every woman and man can give blood, if they have reached the age of 18.
Please do not forget your official, valid photo identification.

Where we ask for your special help:

Please continue to support the Red Cross as usual:

  •  If you are healthy and fit, please include the blood donation as a necessary way
  • ONLY those who feel healthy should donate. Cough, cold, hoarseness or similar symptoms are always a reason for exclusion from donating blood (14-day deferral)
  • Donors should come alone (not in a group, without accompanying persons, not even accompanying children)
  • Donors must remember to report any changes in your state of health to the blood donation service up to two weeks after your donation

Important information:

  • First-time donors must be at least 18 years of age and must not be older than 60. For regular blood donors over the age of 65, the doctor decides on the admission. 
  • Before donating blood, a medical questionnaire must be completed, which is written just in German. We ask for your understanding that only persons who have a sufficiently good knowledge of German can be admitted to donate blood, as all questions should be understood and answered by the donor himself.
  • An official photo identification is required, otherwise it is not possible to donate! 
  • Every blood donor should have drunk and eaten enough before the donation.
  • Please avoid sports and sauna visits on the day of the blood donation.
  • Please avoid sports and sauna visits on the day of the blood donation. The minimum weight is 50kg (or a suitable BMI)

Advantages of donating blood: 

  • If you do not know your blood group yet, you will automatically receive a blood donor card with your blood group + Rh factor 3-4 weeks after the donation.
  • A "small" health check: The blood is examined in detail after the donation and undergoes many tests. If the blood sample is positive, the donor will be contacted by us by mail and invited for a new control test.
  • There is the possibility to get a "small result" with every blood donation, if you tick this item on the questionnaire (written confirmation about: BG, HIV, HBV, HCB, TPPA)
  • The good feeling to be able to help a fellow human being in need with little effort. Many seriously ill and accident victims are dependent on the help of their fellow human beings in order to survive or to recover more quickly, as blood cannot yet be produced artificially!

Procedure for donating blood:

1. Filling out the questionnaire (approx. 5 minutes). German language skills are required!
2. Testing + doctor's consultation (approx. 5 minutes)
3. Blood withdrawal (approx. 3-10 minutes)
4. Rest period (approx. 20 minutes) - a small snack will be provided by us after the donation

Common reasons for exclusion:

  • When am I excluded from the donation? http://www.roteskreuz.at/blutspende/informationen-zur-blutspende/spenderfragebogen/
  • Vaccinations (ticks, flu) = 48 hrs.
  • Allergies = exclusion in the acute phase (for questions service hotline or doctor)
  • Antibiotics = 4 weeks after ingestion
  • Medication - Service hotline
  • Stays abroad - Service hotline
  • Fever blister = from the time of occurrence 10 days or longer if still visible (in case of uncertainty - service hotline)
  • Dental treatment - filling, tartar removal = 48 hours / tooth extraction = 1 week / root canal treatment, implant = 4 weeks
  • Tattoo, piercing = 4 months
  • Cold = momentary exclusion/ slight infection = 2 weeks/ feverish infection = 4 weeks

By the way: The coronavirus is a virus of the respiratory tract, which is why suspected cases are also tested by means of a mucous membrane smear from the nasopharynx. According to current knowledge, there is no evidence that COVID-19 could be spread via blood transfusions. The Red Cross also pays attention to numerous additional hygiene and disinfection measures in addition to the general standards.

If you have any medical questions, our free service hotline 0800 190 190 is available or you can visit our homepage at http://www.roteskreuz.at/blutspende/ - also to obtain further information about blood donation.

On Facebook you can also visit and link to our page.

Thank you for your support!

donating blood saves lifes