Programme details

Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Master degree programme / Full-time

The two-year Master programme Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is designed to deepen the students' understanding of medical biotechnology and the expertise required for biotech product development and manufacturing.


  • Course times: Monday-Friday
  • Average number of contact hours per week: 24
  • Applied Research and Training Semester: Third semester

Core modules

The core modules also include lectures with visiting experts and course contents consolidated in practical laboratory sessions.

Medical Biotechnology

  • Bioethics
  • Health, Disease and Therapeutical Strategies: Immunology, The hallmarks of cancer, The Molecular Mechanisms of Aging, Developmental Biology
  • Integrative Methods in Biotechnology: Biostatistics and Trend Analysis, Structural Bioinformatics and Drug Design, Systems Biology,
  • Analytical Methods in Life Sciences: Bioanalytics Laboratory,  Personalised Medicine Laboratory, Analytical Methods in Biomedicine
  • Therapeutic Effects of Biopharmaceuticals: Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics

Quality Management and Regulations in Biotechnology

  • Process Design: Equipment and Production Design, Standardisation
  • Biomedical Regulations: Legislation for Drugs and Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceutical Quality Management: Quality Management Systems, GLP and GMP Regulations, Risk Assessment
  • Pharmaceutical Project Management: Project and Portfolio Management, Clinical Studies and GCP
  • Business: Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical Bioprocess Technology

  • Bioprocess Technology: Upstream Processing, Recombinant Protein Production (+ Laboratory)

Research Semester in Industry and Master Thesis

  • Research Semester Application and Preparation: Research Semester Preparation
  • Research Semester: Master Thesis,
  • Coaching Seminar
  • Master Exam


In the third semester the students have the choice between two selectives – Bioprocess Engineering and Advanced Therapeutics Development. The elective Bioprocess Engineering prepares for the development and production of pharmaceutical products. The specialisation on the other hand concerns itself with the exploration of active components and their mechanisms and therefore best prepares for a PhD programme.

Elective 1: Bioprocess Engineering

  • Bioprocess Engineering: Scale Up – Scale Down Techniques, Current Issues in Bioprocess Engineering
  • Fermentation Technology: Fermentation Technology Laboratory, Fermentation of Complex Host Systems
  • Process Automation: Process Control and Process Online Monitoring, Equipment Test and Process Validation

Elective 2: Advanced Therapeutics Development

  • Principles of Drug Discovery: Pathophysiology and Molecular Therapies, Drug Discovery Systems
  • Strategies in Molecular Therapies: Stem Cells, Gene Therapy and Regenerative Medicine, Immunology Based Therapies
  • Therapeutics Development: Advanced Therapeutics Development Laboratory; Current Issues in Advanced Therapeutics Development