Master degree programme



This master programme enables students to develop their methods-based and problem-solving expertise in the field of medical and pharmaceutical biotechnology. They study the processes of research and identification through to marketing. Management abilities and personality training are also important aspects of the programme.

Every September we welcome a new intake of students for our Master programme, which is exclusively taught in English. The programme aims to enhance students’ methodological and problem-solving skills in the fields of medical and pharmaceutical biotechnology. Courses also highlight the interdisciplinary links between the natural science, biological, medical and technological aspects of biotechnology, as well as stressing the importance of quality assurance considerations.

In addition students develop key management skills and learn to understand the business processes – from research all the way to promotion. Personality training courses provide graduates with the skill set required to take on leadership responsibilities in product development and production teams in the biotech sector.

The Master programme qualifies for a career in pharmaceutical or biotechnological organisations or in research facilities. The responsibilities of our graduates range from the planning and steering of biotechnological processes and biomedical and analytical test procedures to coordinative tasks in production, quality assurance, approval and targeted marketing measures. In addition, job opportunities may arise in medical engineering, nutrition technology and in a broad sense in the industrial and ecological biotechnology.

Key skills

Developing high-level expertise in identifying, characterising and manufacturing biopharmaceuticals is an essential aspect of the Master programme. Manufacturing biopharmaceuticals also requires extensive knowledge of the applicable legal framework and the quality assurance procedures which play a vital part in an interdisciplinary setting.

In order to prepare students for the upcoming trends, we also offer provide complementary training in development, application and production methods for quality-assured tissue and organ replacements.

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