Tourism and Leisure Management

Bachelor degree programme / Full-time

A Bachelor degree is a university-level qualification which can be obtained in only six semesters. It is the first step on the road to a career either at home or abroad, and also entitles you to study for a more advanced Master qualification at an Austrian or foreign university.

After completing a Bachelor paper and an examination in the course of six semesters, you will be awarded the internationally recognised title of Bachelor of Arts in Business (B.A.).

Double degree programme

The double degree programme allows students to obtain an academic qualification at the IMC Krems and at one of its partner universities.

Double degree agreements have enabled the IMC Krems and its students to become part of an international network, strengthening intercultural awareness and improving graduates’ employability.

Cooperation agreements between our University and partner institutions also promote lecturer mobility, the exchange of views on key issues, and joint assessment of student theses and examinations – all of which encourages an ongoing transfer of academic expertise between the participating universities.

Double degrees give students the chance to experience a different academic culture with all of its unique aspects, and acquire a qualification which opens up various opportunities on the local jobs market. And that also means broadening your professional horizons and removing barriers on your career path.

The Bachelor programme in Tourism and Leisure Management currently offers double degrees with the following partner universities: