Bachelor degree programme



Our graduates have the tools required to transform the field of general nursing. Teaching is based on the latest research findings and the highest European standards. Thanks to the strong practical focus, graduates are in a position to start out on their careers immediately.

Key skills

This course provides training to the highest European nursing care standards. Graduates will be licensed to work as a Registered Nurses.

Nursing is the term applied to all health promotion, preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative measures designed to preserve or restore individual health and provide protection against illness. Care services are provided to sufferers of physical and mental illness of all ages. Nursing also refers to in-patient and out-patient care for the disabled and the seriously or terminally ill.

Career prospects 

Graduates will be qualified to work in the full range of healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, care homes, rehabilitation centres, mobile home care providers and social insurance companies, and as freelance careers. They have the qualification to become employed in various sectors of the health system (public or private institutions) or to start their careers as self-employed persons.

Detailed information on the Bachelor programme General Nursing is given in German

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