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Christopher Schwand is an expert in the field of market research and an influencer in the national and international marketing environment. Since 2010, he has been the programme director of the Bachelor programme Export-oriented Management.
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Are you interested in international relations and business, as well as international trade and the project business? And also communicative with an interest in other cultures? Then you’ll be right at home on the Export-Oriented Management programme! We give you the detailed knowledge of business administration and economics that allows you to deal successfully with partners all over the world. It goes without saying that the programme is taught entirely in English, and the curriculum also includes two further languages.

Export-oriented Management is a business study programme targeting students who are interested in communication and open for meeting new people from different cultures.

The study programme helps you prepare for international tasks and duties, and managing partners from all over the world. To accomplish this, the study programme is conducted in English, and enables you to learn two more languages.

You will obtain profound knowledge of business administration and economics. Furthermore, you will learn about strategies and tools as well as the relevant organisational and legal frameworks that are essential for having success with your international activities – from exporting/importing to market entry.

The Bachelor programme is aimed at students who

  • have a keen interest in international relations and business, foreign trade and project business
  • enjoy learning foreign languages and finding out more about other countries and cultures
  • are looking to pursue a career in small and medium sized companies exporting goods and services; in international corporations – again, both production or services industries; or within an international organisation.

Key skills and competencies

In an age of rapidly changing, competitive global markets, prospective managers face a series of major challenges. The Bachelor programme in Export-oriented Management specifically addresses these demands.

We aim to provide students with comprehensive knowledge about running and growing a business, focusing on export activities and managing international projects. In order to achieve this goal, we use a blend of valuable practical insights and key scientific theories. 

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