Programme details

Business Administration

Bachelor degree programme / Full-time

You will have detailed knowledge of business administration, project management and corporate communications. After completing the programme you will be in a position to understand and apply general theories and methods, which in turn enables you to demonstrate your problem-solving abilities.

The programme gives you the skills needed to take on responsibility for activities and projects, including decision-making responsibility. In addition, the focus is on developing the soft skills that enable you to work effectively in teams, and to manage individual employees and groups later on in your career.

Therefore your competencies after graduation will be:

Core subjects: Business administration, economics and law

  • Applying basic business concepts, assessing the structure, functions and complexity of an organisation, and identifying the links between various parts of the company
  • Taking on bookkeeping, internal and external accounting, and management control responsibilities
  • Implementing marketing policy tools, and playing a part in human resource management, organisational development, quality management, and project and process management activities
  • Dealing effectively with procurement, logistics and production tasks
  • Contributing to the development of strategic and business plans
  • Analysing the economic factors that affect your work, and taking those factors into consideration when making decisions

Core subject: Tools and Methods

  • Presenting concepts and ideas to a specific target group
  • Working in teams, preparing and, where necessary, chairing team meetings
  • Playing a part in resolving crises and conflicts in your professional environment
  • Adopting approaches suited to an international environment

Major: International Project Management (to be chosen in the sixth semester)

  • Outlining the characteristics of various types of projects and devising suitable project management approaches, applying project management tools effectively and supporting project management processes
  • Identifying various project roles, reflecting on your own approach to performing these roles, and making an effective contribution to international projects in a culturally diverse environment
  • Applying interpersonal skills, and teamwork and management principles effectively in projects of various sizes
  • Supporting the implementation of the structures and culture required in project-based organisations
  • Playing a part in the design of international projects, including task, performance, time, resource and financial planning, and their implementation
  • Taking on operational project implementation responsibilities, including in cross-border projects, and helping with project management

Major: Corporate Communications (to be chosen in the sixth Semester)

  • Applying basic communication models, implementing corporate and media communications processes, and assessing the aims, importance and impact of corporate communications from ethical and cross-cultural viewpoints
  • Supporting and assuming responsibility for the design, planning and implementation of internal and external communication measures
  • Employing conventional communication channels and digital tools (such as social media) effectively
  • Producing tailor-made content for a diverse range of dialogue groups