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Wolfgang Vrzal is a well-recognised expert in the field of project management and tourism. He is the programme director of the Bachelor programme Business Administration. Since 2013, he has also been the head of the Department Business of our university of applied sciences.
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What happens when you combine economics, business administration and management skills in a single bachelor degree? You get IMC Krems’ Business Administration programme. It provides a solid basis for managing teams, independently managing projects of all sizes, working in corporate communications – and launching an international career.

Majors: Corporate Communications/International Project Management

  • wish to study business administration in conjunction with project management and communications
  • are looking to pursue a career with national or international companies and organisations

Bachelor degree - at a glance

This new English-language degree programme gives students broad-based Higher education in business administration. Its distinctive feature is the combination of business administration topics with specialist project management and corporate communications courses.

  • International Project Management prepares students for work on cross-border projects, and includes junior project manager certification
  • Corporate Communications enables students to assume responsibility for internal and external communications in an international business

The three key areas of the curriculum are

  1. Business administration
  2. Professional, cross-cultural and socio-dynamic skills
  3. Specialisations: Corporate Communications and International Project Management

Key Features

  • The mandatory internship abroad and the option to study abroad in the third semester. Graduates will possess a skills profile with a strong international focus thanks to courses that include a strong international element, the internship abroad and the personal reflection on the first-hand cross-cultural experience gained during the programme.
  • The International Project Management elective prepares students for certification by organisations such as the International Project Management Association (IPMA), which in turn opens the door to a career with a company either in Austria or abroad.
  • The Corporate Communications specialisation gives graduates the skills they need to work in external and internal corporate communications.