Admission procedure

Business Administration

Bachelor degree programme / Full-time

Any applicants fulfilling the entry requirements will be invited to participate in the University’s admission procedure.

How does the IMC Krems admission procedure work?

After we have your complete application documents and verified your compliance with the entry requirements, you will be invited to the admission procedure by e-mail. The admission procedure for the Bachelor programme Business Administration involves an admission interview, which will be held in English (the language of instruction).
Together with invitation to the interview by e-mail you will receive a list of various interview topics related to the main subjects on the programme curriculum. You should select one of these topics (parts of the topic could also be covered) and prepare a short presentation on it at home before the interview.

Guidelines and tips for the presentation:

  • Duration: max. 5 minutes
  • You may use notes
  • Computer-aided presentations are not allowed
  • You may use one other media such as charts, posters or photos
  • However, you do not have to use presentation aids

On the day of the interview, you and two or three other applicants will be brought to the interview room where you will each give a presentation on your chosen topic. The interview panel will consist of two representatives from the department.

Structure of the interview:

  • Personal introduction
  • Presentation on selected topic followed by questions and discussion
  • Questions related to your application and to the degree programme

Assessment of the interview:

  • Content
  • Language and rhetorical skills
  • Argumentation

Dates for the admission procedure 2018

admission interviews 12.02.2018
afterwards individual appointment

Allocation of study places

The available study places will be allocated on the basis of:

  • the quality of the letter of motivation
  • your performance in the admissions procedure for your selected degree programme

After you have completed the admission procedure, you will be informed about the decision as soon as possible. This notification will be sent by e-mail. Please note that, for administrative reasons, we are unable to provide any information by telephone.

Important information and tips

Do I need to come to Krems for the admission interview?

All applicants are required to come to Krems for the admission procedure. In exceptional cases, the admission interview can also be held via Skype. The decision will be made individually by the programme director. The appointments for the admission interview via Skype are always arranged individually and not tied to the determined days for admission interviews in Krems.

How can I prepare for the admissions interview?

Check the curriculum and gather information about the programme details.   

Where can I get further information about the application?

For more information regarding the application process, the required documents and fees please refer to apply - the next steps.