Programme details

Business Administration for the Public Health Sector

Bachelor degree programme / Full-time

Core modules

Business and economic skills

This module covers a broad range of subjects, including compiling strategic and business plans, accounting, analysing financial statements, controlling, implementing marketing tools, managing procurement and logistics processes, and evaluating innovations and new technologies.

Health care and pharmacological skills

After completing this module graduates will be in a position to work in the following areas of the health sector: intramural and extramural care, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, health insurance, and health promotion and prevention.

Legal skills

Our graduates’ knowledge of business, commercial, social and health law enables them to communicate effectively with lawyers and legal experts in order to achieve shared objectives.

Interpersonal communication skills

This part of the degree programme covers teamwork, presentations, managing discussions, negotiations and conflicts, and managing and resolving crises.

Information technology skills

The application of appropriate hardware and software tools (such as MS Office, relational databases, and project management and statistical evaluation software) helps to simplify day-to-day operations.

Language skills

Language training is an integral part of any management development programme. English courses are held in each semester, but your choice of company for the Practical Training Semester or a semester abroad can also have a significant impact on your linguistic abilities.

Methods-based skills

This module provides an overview of basic academic approaches, and gives students the skills required to carry out research into social and business-related topics using appropriate methods, and to record their findings in academic papers.


The Business Administration for the Public Health Sector degree programme focuses on general business administration topics and on specific issues related to management in the health service:

  • Business administration for health care and social services providers
  • Business administration for insurance companies
  • Business administration for pharmaceutical companies
  • Case studies in health care