Programme details

Business Administration and E-Business Management

Bachelor degree programme / Full-time

Core modules

General management skills

Courses cover all the fundamental aspects of a company’s operations. This generalist approach enables graduates to take on management responsibilities in a variety of industries.

Looking to the future – integrating e-business applications

The programme focuses on management expertise and the e-business tools and software applications used by managers in various sectors. Graduates will acquire extensive knowledge of potential applications for e-business tools and the ability to integrate them into business processes.

In-depth training in soft skills

This programme combines the hard facts of management theory with courses in the soft skills needed to lead staff effectively. After completing their degrees, students will be in a position to put these abilities into use in everyday workplace situations.

General and Business English

English courses are held in each semester, but your choice of company for the Practical Training Semester or a semester abroad can also have a significant impact on your linguistic abilities.


Specialised courses are grouped into the following subjects:

  • Business administration
  • Management
  • Leadership
  • Business start-ups and M&A

The focus in each of these subjects is on small and medium-sized enterprises. Initially the programme mainly covers a range of general business administration topics, before attention switches to the core subjects listed above in later semesters.