Programme details

Business Administration and E-Business Management

Bachelor degree programme / Part-time

Core modules

Business and economic skills

As a graduate you will be able to take on responsibilities amongst others in the following areas: Business administration, sustainable development and CSR, accounting, budgeting and financing, HR, organisational design, private and public law, supply chain management, quality and process management, international project management, marketing and PR, consumer behaviour intrapreneurship and innovation, E-business management and diversity management.

Industry sector-specific skills

The skills and competencies gained in the practical modules of the programme help you take on responsible positions with leadership components after the successful completion of the programme. In practice, this means that you will be able to act as a department head in one of the Peek & Cloppenburg retail stores after your graduation.

The experience gained throughout the programme is supplemented with industry sector-specific modules in international fashion and business issues, assortment of goods and brand considerations and fashion retail and management.

Socio-dynamic skills

You will be able to present concepts and ideas in a targeted manner, work in teams, lead negotiations, shape discussions and overcome conflicts and crises.

Information technology skills

The application of appropriate hardware and software tools (such as MS Office, relational databases, and project management and statistical evaluation software) helps to simplify your day-to-day operations.

Language skills

Language training is an integral part of any management development programme. As a graduate, you will be able to understand and carry on a conversation in your everyday business environment.

Methods-based skills

You are familiar with suitable scientific approaches and know how to apply them. You are facing the economic challenges in your field as a competent specialist.