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Institute Nursing Science

The Institute of Nursing Science is part of the Department of Health Sciences at IMC Krems. It specialises in research into demographic change, digitalisation and new media in healthcare professions, and personalisation.

The focus is on research topics that are relevant for day-to-day work, meaning that research findings can feed into nursing practice effectively.

Practical focus

The institute carries out research and academic analysis on subjects related to demographic change, digital solutions and personalisation. Research projects are implemented in conjunction with higher education, healthcare and research institutions in Austria and abroad.

The institute is involved in the Gesundheits- und Krankenpflege bachelor degree programme, the part-time Advanced Nursing Practice master programme and various continuing education courses for care professionals.

" The Institute of Nursing Science carries out research on topics with a strong practical element, and then looks at how its findings can be implemented in nursing practice. Research is mainly concerned with patients, family carers and relatives, as well as healthcare professionals. We also analyse personalisation processes and new approaches to digitalisation in the care sector. The four teaching focuses of the degree programmes are also incorporated into research. "

Markus Golla, Head of Institute Nursing Science


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Institute Nursing Science