Marvin Hölzl

Projektmitarbeit Department of Business

  • Hage R., Lovasz-Bukvova, H., Hopp, M., Hölzl, M., Kormann-Hainzl G., Reiner, M., Dhungana, D. (2021): Agile Approach for E-Learning in Digital-Leadership Training for Small and Medium Enterprises. In Softic, S.K., Read, T. (Hrsg.), Proceedings of the EDEN Annual Conference: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic. Madrid: EDEN.

  • Kormann-Hainzl, G., Lovasz-Bukvova, H., Hoelzl, M. (2021): Are smarts villages just smaller smart cities? Call for a region-type-specific approach to the smartification of communities. In Hemker, T., Müller-Török, R., Prosser, A., Sasvari, P., Scola, D., Urs, N. (Hrsg.), Central and Eastern European e/Dem and e/Gov days 2021. Conference Proceedings (115-126). virtual: Facultas.