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Student Story: You learn how companies really work

A look behind the scenes of our bachelor degree programme Business Administration

Elizabeth Erchova is a second-year business administration student. She was born in Miami and has Russian roots – both her mother and father are from Russia. She graduated from an international school in Vienna and worked in Moscow for JLL before starting the Business Administration programme at IMC Krems. She is a keen kite surfer, diver and snowboarder – she loves extreme sports. Elizabeth describes herself as a highly motivated person with a strong character and a wide range of interests.

Elizabeth loves to study and live in Krems – even though she is used to living in big cities.

Elizabeth loves to study and live in Krems – even though she is used to living in big cities.

Wide choice of opportunities for a future career

The story of how I came to apply for this bachelor degree programme at IMC Krems is simple: I found out about it from my school in Vienna, where I did the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and took business as one of my subjects. I chose this programme because business administration seems to provide a wide choice of opportunities for a future career.

Recommended by friends

You acquire practical business know-how, learn what drives the market-leading companies and how they really work. I wanted to choose a programme with a focus on communication, mass media and information, and commercial advertising, so this programme was the right choice for me. I knew that the university had a good reputation, as I had some friends who were already studying here and they recommended this specific programme to me.

A great (international) community

I did not expect that my class would get to know each other so quickly and that there would be so many international students, with quite a few people from the different parts of the world. In the “director’s corner”, our programme director asks for feedback and I find this valuable. Everybody is open-minded and friendly – also those from other courses and even from other universities here in Krems. I feel comfortable here, even though I’m used to living in big cities – Krems is nice, safe and compact – everything is close. Also, this helps when you have to study. There’s a friendly international community of students and the campus infrastructure makes studying here comfortable. Everyone at this university is willing to help, you can always ask questions, which you get answers to.

My tip

I hope your university days will be the best time of your life. Don’t worry about the problems that you might encounter; approach solving them as a challenge. Good luck!

More about Business Administration

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