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Student Story: The services here are fantastic

A look behind the scenes of our bachelor degree programme International Wine Business

Manuel Schön comes from Tulln. After completing his final exams at the commercial college in his home town, he did his military service and then an apprenticeship in cooperage. He developed such a keen interest in winemaking during his training that he decided to take the International Wine Business degree programme at IMC Krems.

Manuel appreciates the whole package provided by IMC Krems.

Manuel appreciates the whole package provided by IMC Krems.

Long tradition in the wine industry

My great grandfather founded a cooperage in 1930 and I always wanted to go into the family business. That’s how I came across winemaking, and I was hooked. The idea to do a degree came from a professor at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, who I met at the Intervitis Interfructa Hortitechnica wine industry trade fair in Stuttgart when I was working on a research project. The project involved providing wood samples from various growing regions, and analysing how the maturity of the wood and the toasting process – scorching the inside of the barrel – affects the flavour of red and white wine.

All the skills required on the international wine market

I’m really pleased with the International Wine Business programme because it gives me everything I want: winemaking and business administration – and all in English, which is important as 80% of our company’s exports are to Italy, France, the Czech Republic and Spain. In April I spent a week in the USA, and we’ve also had inquiries from Asia. So I need all the skills required on the international wine market, because I plan to take over the business from my parents one day.

After I’ve graduated from the International Wine Business programme, I’m going to take the master cooper’s exam, and then perhaps a degree in wood technology – but that’s still just an idea.

Added bonus: the services at IMC Krems

The atmosphere at IMC Krems is very pleasant. The entire package – including the Career Center and the Language Center – is just what I need. The services here are fantastic – they address the things that are important to you, which gives every student the opportunities to realise their full podential. For instance, I can also improve my Italian while I’m doing my degree.

My Tip

The open, international mindset and sense of community at IMC Krems will help you get ahead. You can network and exchange ideas with others, and grow together. This will help you to develop a personality all of your own. 

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