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Student Story: No experience required

A look behind the scenes of our bachelor degree programme Informatics

Sophie Geiger comes from Tulln where she graduated from the commercial academy (Handelsakademie). After one year of orientation, she enrolled in the English-language bachelor’s programme in Informatics.

Sophie Geiger, student INF

Sophie talks about why she decided to study in Krems.

Excellent career opportunities

I chose the bachelor's degree in Informatics because it ensures great career opportunities and I can work in the industry anywhere in the world. In addition, I have always wanted to be better than any hacker.

Data Science and English

When I applied, I found the focus on data science attractive. This is a very relevant topic in computer science today. I benefit most from the fact that the cultural diversity in the classroom allows us to continue speaking in English outside the classroom, so that English skills are automatically improved while studying.

Previous experience not necessary

For me it was surprising that it is not so important to have previous experience in computer science. At the beginning, you will be taught all
the basics that are necessary for further studies. I would like to graduate with a bachelor's degree and then gain work experience abroad. I am particularly interested in Ireland.


A degree in informatics lays the foundations for a career, not just a job. You’ll have plenty of options at the end of your degree.

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