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Student Story: Krems is a good match for my talents

A look behind the scenes of our bachelor degree programme Applied Chemistry

Fathima has been specialised in maths ever since secondary school.

Fathima talks about her decision to study at IMC Krems.

Fathima talks about her decision to study at IMC Krems.

Fathima’s family originates from Sri Lanka, but she was born and raised in Austria. Her great grandfather visited Austria, but her grandfather was the first in the family to settle down here. 18-year-old Fathima has four younger siblings. She likes to swim and play badminton in her free time.

A good match for my interests and talents

It all started at school really. I went to a bilingual secondary school in Vienna where all the lessons were taught in German and English – my first language. The modular system at the school allowed you to choose between different subjects. So you could specialise in a particular area, and it made sense for me to focus on science. I did lots of chemistry modules, in both organic and inorganic chemistry. I’ve also been giving private maths lessons since I was 14. I got a top grade in maths in my final high school exams. So this programme is a really good match for my interests and talents.

I've always been interested in maths and chemistry

My family played a big part in shaping my interests. I grew up in a big family, which spoke English. My father is a pipeline engineer at OMV, therefore I found out a lot about science and technology as a kid. I had no problem being a girl who was always interested in maths and chemistry.

My dream: A career in cancer research

What made up my mind about taking this degree at IMC Krems was the large amount of practical work and English as the language of instruction. I’d like to work in cancer research one day. But with this degree I can also work in industry if I decide to go in a different direction.

My tip

Girls! Just because you got the odd bad mark in maths at school doesn’t mean that you’re bad at it. Maybe the learning approach wasn't the right one for you. All I can say is: believe in yourself – women in technology is the future.

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