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Student Story: I’m enjoying being a pioneer

A look behind the scenes of our bachelor degree programme Applied Chemistry

Applied Chemistry student Herbert Becker went to BORG Monsbergergasse secondary school in Graz.

Herbert is excited to be a pioneer on the programme.

Herbert is excited to be a pioneer on the programme.

International focus and practical orientation

A classmate of mine on the programme now, Victoria Schober, told me about the degree. She had been to the open day and was very impressed. I was actually planning to study pharmacy in Vienna, but then changed my mind because I had always been really interested in the chemicals industry. The deciding factors for me were English as the language of instruction, the strong practical focus and IMC Krems's reputation. This gives me much more than I could get anywhere else.

A strong interest in phytochemistry – the chemistry of plants

I’m gravitating towards phytochemistry, which is the chemistry of plants. I’m particularly interested in the chemical substances they contain because today’s medicine is based on the fundamental components of plants. You can create new drugs from plant-based substances, which can form the building blocks for development. There is so much potential in this area; I’m convinced that plants hold the key to many new cures.

An opportunity to shape the programme

Being this kind of pioneer on the programme is definitely a fantastic opportunity for me. We can help to shape the development of the programme, pave the way for our successors and give an inside view of what students need. I’m enjoying being a pioneer, just like my classmates.

My tip

If you want a strong practical focus and are interested in chemistry, then there’s nothing for you to worry about. You’ll be able to keep up in the lectures; your lecturers will always be happy to answer your questions. They treat you as equals and there’s a really good atmosphere – but you also need the desire to succeed.

More about Applied Chemistry

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