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Student Story: I could choose between several job offers

A look behind the scenes of our bachelor degree programme Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

As a Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology graduate, Fabian Friedl from Vienna decided to get a job directly after completing his bachelor’s degree. In a couple of years, he plans to take the challenge of working alongside his master’s degree studies – at Fresenius Medical Care in Krems. Fabian wants to work in the international biotech industry and his professional experience will stand him in good stead.

Fabian is happy with his decision to accept a job offer after graduation.

Fabian is happy with his decision to accept a job offer after graduation.

After graduation, I knew what I wanted to do

I’m a very ambitious and inquisitive person. So this programme was perfect for me. Over the three years it had a very positive influence on me, intensified my interests and enabled me to identify a clear direction for my career.

A job offer straight after graduation

I got a job offer straight after completing my bachelor´s degree: in a manufacturing unit at Boehringer Ingelheim, specialising in fermentation. This was made possible by the solid foundation in pharmaceutical processes I had gained. My practical know-how and hands-on experience were also crucial in enabling me to quickly take my first steps on the career ladder.

Internship in Australia

During my degree programme, I took an internship in Australia, at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. Since I wasn’t sure which direction I will take in the future, I chose a Research Department specialising in drug discovery. It was interesting but not what I wanted to do in the future. It helped me a lot to make the right decision about my future career.

Don't underestimate your professional networks

The annual Life Science Meeting at IMC Krems brings together professionals from many different fields – from research to industry. The longer you study, the more you understand how everything fits together. You can also use those conferences to get to know successful people in your field of interest over a glass of wine. Things like that are great sources of inspiration.

Experienced lecturers provided "real world" insights

My bachelor’s degree gave me an excellent knowledge in medical research and state of the art knowledge of several fields in the pharmaceutical industry. Lecturers and profs with professional experience in either research or industry gave special insights into the “real world” which made it even more exciting. Combined with several labs and their strong practical focus this programme really stood out.

My tip

Get a job after completing your bachelor’s degree. The work experience will help you a lot to get a good job, especially in industry. But don’t forget to stick to your plans to do a postgraduate degree; because once you start getting good feedback at work, it’s tempting to scrap your plans.

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