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International career as a marketing professional in Spain

Proud to be a graduate: Our alumni and their success stories

Anna Bertoldini finished her master studies in „Marketing“ at the IMC Krems in 2018. Today she is a globally experienced professional specialised in Brand Strategy, Employer Branding, Marketing Communications as well as Content Management and Development at Glovo in Barcelona. At the first virtual IMC Alumni Conference she will speak in her workshop about „Growing your personal brand in extraordinary times“.

In an interview she gives insights and tips about career entry for new graduates and why love and passion play a role that should not be underestimated.


Anna Bertoldini

Anna Bertoldini started after graduation an international career as marketing professional

After graduation, I pursued a career in marketing, specifically branding

“I've always loved a good story. So, I made it my mission to help global companies build their brand and communicate their culture, mission, and purpose with authentic and effective storytelling. I moved to Budapest to work for a multinational organization and then to Barcelona where I live and work for a successful start-up.”

At the IMC Krems I laid the foundations for my career as a marketing professional

“I learned about marketing and customer journey models and theories combined with practical experience managing campaigns and budgets for renowned companies. A lot of projects required team collaboration, so I made meaningful connections with other bright students that I still keep up to this day. Even now, the skills I learned from the inspiring and accomplished professors at the IMC Krems are still relevant and useful in my work.”

Spearheading Glovo's global employer brand strategy

“Currently I work for Glovo. At Glovo, I'm spearheading Glovo's global employer brand strategy to strengthen its prestige as a top employer, drive lead generation, developing its strategic employer value proposition, and increase its brand awareness and reputation in key talent markets. My job is very dynamic. I do anything from crafting and disseminating employer branded messaging across our offline and online channels, including social media, corporate career site, paid media campaigns, and branded profiles across job boards, as well as manage events and external partnerships.
As an employer branding professional, a continuous challenge I face is building an effective brand and marketing strategy to drive talent acquisition results. The role of marketing in HR is becoming increasingly more important as companies strive to differentiate their culture, purpose, and values to attract top talent. It's up to employer branding to craft the right messaging and choose the right channels to communicate these.”

Approach your career development the same way you do when choosing a romantic partner

“My tip for fresh graduates is: As a fresh graduate looking to kick-start your career, approach your career development the same way you do when choosing a romantic partner. As with love, you wouldn't marry the first person you meet, so make sure you pick carefully which organisation you work for — no matter what department or position you end up working in.

Take some time to note what's important to you. Do you value sustainability and social impact? Do you thrive in collaborative environments? Are you passionate about diversity and inclusion? Find an organisation whose culture most closely reflects your values, and you'll be much happier long-term with your purpose and work.”

Growing your personal brand in extraordinary times

“I will be one of the workshop speakers at the first virtual IMC Alumni Conference on 26 June, 2020. In this talk, I will go over my own professional journey as a marketing graduate to being the Global Employer Branding Specialist at Glovo, useful tips for building your personal brand, how to pick the right organisation to work for, and interview hacks that will help you land your next gig.”

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