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International Flag Festival

The INTERNATIONAL FLAG FESTIVAL, on the one hand, the end of our Welcome Days, 
on the other hand the semester opening of a new fall term at IMC Krems.

Diese Veranstaltung wird empfohlen für:

  • IMC Studierende

All IMC students and especially international regular and incoming students are invited to bring  the flags of their home countries to marvel the diversity and internationality of IMC Krems.Together we spend a cosy time outside on the IMC main campus. During this  event we will also match the IMC Buddies with our international incoming students.

Where & When? 

Thursday, 29 September | 4.00 pm - 8.00 pm (good weather event)
IMC main campus, outdoor, in front of Building G
Snacks will be offered by IMC Krems on site! (partly payable)

Who can join?

All IMC students, especially international regular and incoming students as well as IMC Buddies. 

Your tasks?

As it is an outdoor event, please bring your own picnic blanket and water bottles. Furthermore, you are invited to bring flags (small) from your home countries (yes, Austrian flags are also fine), that we will put on a rope across the campus area. The more flags, the better! To make the event colorful and diverse, we ask ALL to bring a little something. That can be typical snacks/tapas from your home country, typical cakes and cookies - creativity allowed and very much appreciated.

IMC Buddy Matching

There will be a BUDDY MATCHING corner at the festival. IMC Buddy and assigned incoming student have the opportunity to officially get to know each other. We thank all Buddies with a little gift.


For better planning please register briefly via email : [email protected]