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25 IMC alumni success stories

The project is an online media campaign, featuring 25 short selfie-video clips of successful IMC alumni  who are so called “IMC Alumni Ambassadors” all over the globe.

Alumni - Success - Stories

Student project: 25 years IMC - 25 alumni success stories.

The plan is to release one video on a weekly/semi-weekly basis on Instagram, Facebook and also on the Project 25 webpage. At the end, one conclusive video will be produced with all short clips. The main goal of this project is to give current students/potential future students, and all other IMC affiliates, insight into the life of successful IMC alumni, and show them how your time at the IMC contributed to your success today. The video should convey the message “25 years of excellence – alumni around the world” and showcase a journey from IMC student to alumni.

We celebrate the 25th anniversary of IMC Krems