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#Zerowaste @IMC Krems

Zero waste concerns us all - and we have chosen May 2019 to focus on it.

MC Krems is committed to meeting its responsibilities to society and the environment. So the sustainable use of resources is very important to everyone here.

Zero - Waste

Andrea Löffler, Christine Taferner, Birgit Zauner, Tanja Taubenschmid, Roman Mesicek, Victoria Hausmann, Ulrike Prommer and Sandra Hörzinger.

To set another example in this area, we are introducing a #ZeroWasteChallenge in May 2019, as part of Project 25 (more on Project 25 on our website at www.fh-krems.ac.at).

Every day tips on Zero Waste will be given, furthermore a workshop for the production of bee wipes will be offered and information on measures which are implemented at the IMC Krems will be offered.
Be part of it: Send us your input, photos and videos or post them directly on padlet to the corresponding posts. Vote for the post you like the best - there is a prize for the 3 most popular ones!

Find out more and join HERE!