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Project 25 #Projekt 25

Kinderwelt goes Junge Uni

Junge Uni for special educational flat-sharing community Stiefern.

The team of the Accounting/Controlling department has set itself the task of supporting young people with the "Kinderwelt goes Junge Uni" project.

Projekt 25: Kinderwelt goes Junge Uni

Project 25: Kinderwelt goes Junge Uni

From the first contact with the SPWG Stiefern in March to the beginning of the Junge Uni in July 2019, a lot of organizational and coordination work was necessary to finally welcome nine young people. Through the support with the registration formalities and organisational matters during the event week, fears of the threshold were reduced and a visit to the Junge Uni was made possible for the first time for young people from Stiefern.

The children took part with interest in the lectures and had a lot of fun in the different workshops. With the ceremonial graduation of the young students this project found its crowning conclusion for this year. The happy faces on this day let hope for a lasting effect of the initiative. Sabine Steinkellner, project manager of the Junge Uni, supported the project in the best possible way and contributed to its success.