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Quick reaction in an exceptional situation: the crisis team of IMC Krems.

Das Krisenteam der IMC FH Krems ist für das Projekt 25 für eine zweitägige Übung zusammengekommen.

The crisis team of IMC Krems met for a two-day exercise for Project 25.

The IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems is a safe university, with its own crisis management team. In December, this team came together for a two-day exercise as part of Project 25.

After a theoretical part, the second day was dedicated to an emergency simulation, during which the entire team had to demonstrate communication, decision-making and quick reaction capabilities. The fictional script, with the contents being high-quality teaching and DSGVO, challenged the team, which was supported by the two external trainers Martin Hochreiter and Andreas Zenker. The conclusion: communication and teamwork are the most important things in any situation.

Since 2015, a crisis management team has been established at IMC Krems. Various scenarios have been practiced at regular intervals in order to be able to react quickly in case of an emergency.