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Insects move in at IMC Campus Krems

In order to make a small contribution to biodiversity, a man-sized hotel for insects is being built at the IMC Campus Krems.

Das Projekt will gut geplant sein: Skizze des Insekten-Hotels

The project needs to be well planned: Sketch of the insect hotel

In this ecological, sustainable, team-building, environmentally beneficial and " pollinating " project, IMC employees manufacture the letters "IMC" in human size as hotels for insects and install them on the IMC Campus Krems. Á la Hollywood, so to speak.

Both the production and the colonisation of the insect hotel are regularly documented as part of the project.

Project manager Peter Allacher and client Markus Glinz provide a first account of the project. "Apparently word has already got around that an hotel for insects is being built here - the first guests are already waiting!" They are convinced that the insect hotel will soon be filled with chirping.