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Project 25 #Projekt 25#Fachhochschule

First Aid Initiative at the IMC FH Krems

Stem cell classification, first aid training and a blood drive - IMC Krems has launched a First Aid Initiative as part of Project 25.

Die angehenden Ersthelferinnen und Ersthelfer nach ihrem Erste Hilfe Kurs.

The prospective first responders after their first aid course.

Stem cell classification

As part of the project, a stem cell classification campaign took place at Campus Krems on 22 November. Two employees of the Red Cross supervised the campaign and were available for questions and further information. Of course, they also supervised and supported the process itself. Filling out the health questionnaire and having a cheek swab taken – that was all there was to do, the whole process took only a few minutes.

The campaign was a complete success: More than 40 people took the opportunity to register – students as well as employees. Don't be fooled by this number – our colleagues from the Red Cross have assured us that not even half as many people register at comparable events.

First aide training

In addition, a first aid refresher course for existing IMC first responders took place on 9 December as part of the First Aid Initiative at IMC FH Krems. 5 colleagues not only refreshed their knowledge with the Red Cross Krems, but also actively practiced the most important skills as first responders.

Beside the refresher course, a basic course for new first responders took place on 9 and 10 December. 9 colleagues successfully completed the 16 hour basic course and can now actively support the existing first responders.

We thank all colleagues who support us as IMC first responders!

Blood drive

Furthermore a blood donation campaign took place on 9 December during the First Aid Initiative on IMC Campus Krems, Wing G1.

There will be the possibility to donate blood again in the new year.