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Enthusiastic readers in demand: IMC Book Sharing

It's time - the IMC Book Sharing bookshelves are ready now. They are located on campus in Trakt G (Study Lounge, 1st floor) and Piaristengasse (2nd floor, new staircase) and are waiting to inspire readers. 

Book - Sharing

Book - Sharing: The first books are already available for exchange in the IMC Study Lounge.

Many of us have books lying around at home, gettin dusty on the shelves, that we will never (again) read. Making these books available to others is sustainable, meaningful, and social: that's why IMC Book Sharing was created. With the donated books we filled book shelves at the IMC campus and in the IMC Piaristengasse. Readers now have the opportunity to discover a new (or old!) book and get a new reading simply and free of charge. The only rule is, if a book is taken off the shelf, it has to be put back in exchange. In this way, the bookshelves are constantly filled with new surprises.