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25 Reasons to Fall in Love with Chemistry

Exciting experiments, fascinating effects. Modern chemistry has a lot to offer!

Our researchers in the field agree that you simply have to love chemistry. 


Chemistry experiments with a wow factor.

Five videos show a total of 25 impressive experiments that bring us closer to the wonders of chemistry. Fire, smoke and light phenomena are proof that exploring nature can be a lot of fun.

The first video:

  • A classic - the death by burning of a gummi bear in a salt melt 
  • In the footsteps of Mrs. Holle - the lead(II) iodide in a solution forms golden crystals which imitate a rain of gold 
  • No match, no problem - ignite a campfire by combining highly reactive compounds 
  • Fluorescence: Biliously green and fantastically scary - the colorant Fluorescein glows magically in UV light and has a wide range of possible applications
  • Reactions with poor decision-making - in so-called oscillating reactions, the amount of produced colorants fluctuates, one time the solution is blue, another time it is colorless and immediately afterwards blue again.

More videos will follow shortly.

Details to all reactions are available for our students of the bachelor degree programme "Applied Chemistry".

More about the degree programme