Project 25

We celebrate the 25th anniversary of IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems

More than just an anniversary

October 1994: The first 45 students started their Tourism and Leisure-Time Management studies at the International Management Center (IMC).

1994 - 2019: IMC Krems developed into one of Austria’s best known universities, both nationally and internationally.

Figures: 2.700 students, 28 degree programmes in business, health sciences, life sciences and digitalisation & engineering. 9000+ graduates and an employment rate of 98%, 600+ lecturers, 3 locations, 30 international alumni chapters worldwide, numerus national and international awards, certifications and top-rankings.

IMC Spirit: Our students and alumni show an above average solidarity towards their Alma Mater, a special company culture and a cordial and respectful communication with each other is part of the so-called IMC spirit.

March 2019: We started into our anniversary year in a different way than all the others. More than just an anniversary: We will realize 25 projects, which will mirror our special IMC spirit. The projects are international, social, sustainable and meaningful. Employees, students, lecturers, our executive team and the supervisory board are taking part.


Feierliche Eröffnung der neuen ISK Library

ISK Library

Joint reading lessons for the International School Krems

Senior*innen machen Grundkurs in der digitalen Kommunikation.

Basic course in digital communication for seniors

Two students of IMC Krems organised a free course for the older generation.

Unsere IMC Band hat ihren großen Auftritt bei der IMC Conference 2019.

IMC Music Band

Under the motto "Musicians Wanted" our employees were invited to apply for our IMC Music Band.


25 Reasons to Fall in Love with Chemistry

Our researchers in the field agree that you simply have to love chemistry. 

Alumni Ambassador Katharina Scharnreitner, eine der Teilnehmer*innen unseres Projekts Alumni Success Stories

IMC Alumni Success Stories

Our graduates take the floor.

56 Schultaschen werden an unseren Projektpartner übergeben

The future in the schoolbag

A total of 56 school bags were collected during the Junge Uni 2019.

Projekt 25: Kinderwelt goes Junge Uni

Kinderwelt goes Junge Uni

The team of the Accounting/Controlling department has set itself the task of supporting young people with the "Kinderwelt goes Junge Uni" project.

Junge - Uni - Resch

Superverisory Board Teaching Tour

Members of the IMC FH Krems Supervisory Board acted as guest lecturers at the Junge Uni.

Öffentliche Vorlesungen

Public lectures at Kremser Pfarrplatz

As project 25 public lectures were held at the Kremser Pfarrplatz.

Zero - Waste

#Zerowaste @IMC Krems

MC Krems is committed to meeting its responsibilities to society and the environment. So the sustainable use of resources is very important to...

Book - Sharing

Enthusiastic readers in demand: IMC Book Sharing

It's time - the IMC Book Sharing bookshelves are ready now. They are located on campus in Trakt G (Study Lounge, 1st floor) and Piaristengasse (2nd...

25 Trips around the world

25 trips around the world

Greetings from all around the globe will be sent to Krems by IMC students. 

IMC - hilft - nach

IMC hilft nach project – tutoring for school pupils

IMC Krems is offering free tutoring sessions for pupils in the upper classes of academic secondary schools (AHS) and vocational secondary schools...

IMC - in - Motion

IMC in Motion - We like to move it

The first sporty project 25 has taken off with great enthusiasm.

IMC - Charity - Bazar

IMC Charity Bazar – IMC Team4kids

On April 5 2019 another „project 25” took place – IMC Charity Bazar.

Kochen - Projekt 25

IMC cooks up a treat!

The motto of the project is “you’re only as healthy as the food you eat”.

Projekt 17

Projekt 17

Projekt 18

Projekt 18

Projekt 19

Projekt 19

Projekt 20

Projekt 20

Projekt 21

Projekt 21

Projekt 22

Projekt 22

Projekt 23

Projekt 23

Projekt 24

Projekt 24

Projekt 25

Projekt 25

We celebrate the 25th anniversary of IMC Krems