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Why study Applied Chemistry now?

A major role for environmental protection

The first graduates of the bachelor degree programme Applied Chemistry will graduate from IMC Krems in summer 2021. They can look forward to excellent career opportunities. Programme director Prof. (FH) Priv. Doz. Dr. Uwe Rinner explains why - and what a major role environmental protection plays in the degree programme.

Herbert Becker und Studiengangsleiter Uwe Rinner im Labor.

Herbert Becker is in his sixth semester of Applied Chemistry and can look forward to excellent job opportunities. With his programme director Uwe Rinner there is a lively exchange.

Modern chemistry is responsible for change

"Our standard of living has improved significantly in the last century. New medicines can cure numerous diseases. New textiles are lightweight and protect against the cold. Innovative materials make it possible to build structures hundreds of meters high. New technologies allow the environmentally friendly conversion and storage of energy. This list of new achievements could go on for a long time. Responsible for this change is the progress of modern chemistry," explains the dedicated programme director.

Did you know that the chemical industry is impatiently waiting for Applied Chemistry graduates?

The Applied Chemistry bachelor degree programme was developed together with representatives of the Austrian chemical industry. Therefore, the course also covers all those areas that are of particular interest at the moment. Our students learn to answer questions in the field of synthetic and analytical chemistry. Modern computer-based methods also play a central role in the degree programme. In addition, our courses are constantly adapted to the emerging needs of the working world and correspond to developments in research in the chemical field.

Environmental protection, renewable raw materials, recycling and "Green Chemistry" play a central role

Especially in times of climate change and shortage of raw materials, a sustainable and environmentally friendly use of resources is of crucial importance. Chemistry must provide answers to these important ecological, economic and social questions. In Applied Chemistry, environmental thinking plays a central role. Lectures on recycling and Green Chemistry are part of the curriculum, but the importance of sustainable choices is taught in all courses. Thus, the graduates contribute to an increased environmental awareness and are at the same time well prepared for the problems of the future.

Exciting research projects as part of the bachelor thesis

Numerous exciting research topics from all areas of chemistry are waiting to be discovered and worked on by the bachelor students as part of their internship. The large network of lecturers opens doors for the chemistry students to big chemical companies, start-up companies, universities or research institutions not only in Austria but also worldwide.

With Applied Chemistry you are ready for the challenges of the future

The Austrian (and the global) chemical industry shows great interest in Applied Chemistry alumni. As part of their bachelor degree programme, students get to know lecturers from more than 20 companies and partner universities. Properly used, these contacts are just as valuable as the sound and practical education offered at IMC Krems. The range of courses is perfectly complemented by excursions and visits to chemical companies.

Appreciation and quality: combination of sound education and personal contact

The quality of teaching and the human component are of great importance to programme director Prof. (FH) Priv. Doz. Dr. Uwe Rinner and one of the reasons for his decision to teach at IMC Krems.

"In addition to sound practice-based technical education, personal contact is also high on our list of priorities. Students can always turn to our lecturers with questions and problems. The courses take place in small groups. All students who start with us have guaranteed laboratory places without waiting lists. This makes it easy to focus on their own education and career," says Rinner.

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