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Why should you study International Wine Business now?

Even in times of crisis, indulgence is not renounced.

Viticulture has a long tradition in Austria, and the Wachau wine-growing region is world-famous. The IMC Krems University of Applied Sciences is located in the immediate vicinity of the Wachau, where the English-language bachelor degree programme in International Wine Business is offered. 

Portrait von Mio Schild

Mio Schild is the first alumna of the International Wine Business bachelor programme to spend her internship in Japan at one of the most famous Sake producers. The experiences and adventures are unique, reported the young graduate.

The oldest grape seed find - namely that of the wild vine Vitis sylvestris dating back to 3000 BC - comes from the Kremser Hundssteig. Krems is therefore home to experts in viticulture. There are also numerous opportunities for students to gain practical experience right on their doorstep. It is therefore an advantage to live in the wine region during your studies. Especially at the beginning of their studies in autumn, students experience first-hand how the wine industry ticks, because during the harvest season there is a lot going on in and around Krems.

Like all industries, the wine industry is also affected by the worldwide pandemic. But as even the renowned German newspaper "Die Zeit" writes: "Wine is system-relevant." Even, or rather, especially in times of crisis, enjoyment - even if it's just a glass of good wine - is not foregone.

Did you know that there are numerous dream jobs in the international wine industry?

Graduates of International Wine Business are in demand. Many have gained a foothold in Austria, but also internationally. Whether at Österreich Wein Marketing GmbH, Hedonism Wines London, Winzer Krems or Domaines Baron de Rothschild - IMC alumni snag the dream jobs of the wine industry. Other employers include: Wine & Partners, Château Changyu-Moser (China), DIAGEO Austria, Wein & Co, Kracher Fine Wines, Toni Mörwald and many more.

Did you know that you can combine passion and profession here?

Throughout the course, the focus is on wine and the wine industry. Students have a great interest in the subject of wine and choose the International Wine Business degree programme for this very reason, in order to be able to combine their passion for wine with a professional activity. Whether they come from a winery themselves or are career changers - the students of International Wine Business are colourful and diverse. As a result, one gets to meet many interesting people from all over the world, taste great wines and learns how to describe them, and benefits from the numerous professional excursions and trips.

The programme is the only bachelor programme in Austria with a clear focus on the wine industry. Here one learns important basics in business administration and management. This familiarises students with internal company and departmental structures and processes. In everyday work, this broad knowledge allows you to take on numerous functions in the company.

Did you know that you receive your knowledge at IMC Krems from international experts?

The lecturers at IMC Krems come from the international wine industry. They are experts in viticulture, wine marketing and business administration. One of these special professors is Christian Stephan Kloss from the Rheingau region. He brings some 25 years of professional experience in management, teaching and consulting. Born in Germany, he is a graduate of the renowned Geisenheim University of Applied Sciences and also has an MBA from Texas University and a lot of experience from longer stays in South Africa and Chile.

Did you know that you can gain practical experience worldwide?

The English-language bachelor programme does not only focus purely on the wine industry, it also stands out for its focus on internationality. Students come from all over the world. As part of the program, there is the possibility to complete the 3rd semester at one of the more than one hundred partner universities of IMC Krems. This year, "exchange students" are going to Nice, San Sebastian, Lyon, Brighton and Florence - the gateway to the world is in Krems. Completely new partner universities for the International Wine Business course have just been acquired in the USA, Canada, Australia and Bordeaux. The internship in the 5th semester can be used to gain practical and international experience.