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Virtual road to graduation

Final exams at IMC FH Krems - 450 students complete their studies virtually

Since the end of April, the exams at IMC FH Krems have been held online. In order to enable students to complete their studies, the final exams have also been held in virtual space since the beginning of June.

450 Studierende schließen ihr Studium an der IMC FH Krems im Sommer 2020 virtuell ab.

450 students will virtually complete their studies at IMC FH Krems in summer 2020.

Online exams successfully implemented

Since April, the classical written course examinations have been successfully conducted via the newly implemented online examination system biz:Examiner. In the meantime, more than 180 written exams have been conducted virtually.

"At an impressive speed, the IT team of IMC FH Krems seamlessly integrated our solution biz:Examiner into the already existing eDesktop and instructed the team of lecturers in the creation of digital exams. So the first exams could be processed via the tool within a very short time", explains Bernhard Waglechner, managing partner of BizDevelop Informationstechnologie GmbH.

In addition to the numerous written examinations, a large number of other performance assessments, which could also be submitted virtually, such as take-home exams or group work were included in the grades.

The efforts have paid off, because: "None of our students loses a semester", says CEO Ulrike Prommer happily.

Virtual final exams

On 25 June 2020, the time has come for the last cohorts to take their final exams for this semester. Afterwards, IMC Krems is looking forward to welcoming 450 new graduates - most of them from the bachelor degree programmes - into our IMC Alumni Community.

In order to guarantee a smooth process during the finals, everything has been planned down to the smallest detail, from the preparation time to the invitation to the examination room. Both the students and the examination teams were briefed in detail in order to avoid possible uncertainties.

"Due to the good preparation, but also the flexibility and willingness of the examiners and students, the majority of the final exams have already been successfully completed," emphasises Martin Waiguny, Chair of the Academic Board, and congratulates all the new graduates.

Virtual celebrations in summer

Unfortunately, the graduation ceremonies cannot take place on site at the moment. Therefore, IMC Krems has developed a plan B to enable a special celebration. The management team will address the new alumni of the university of applied sciences via video messages.

In addition, after passing the final examination, all graduates receive a graduation package with their final certificate and some little surprises. The newly graduated also have the opportunity to participate in a graduation ceremony in autumn.

Welcome to Krems: More than 1,250 new students at IMC Krems

Of course, safety is also the top priority for our applicants. The admission interviews have therefore also been taking place via video conferences since March and will continue online for the rest of the application period. The "Gesundheitswissenschaftliche Studieneignungstest" with more than 1,200 applicants was also successfully completed virtually using our new examination tool.

The online application for some of our courses is still possible. However, it pays off to be quick: Thanks to an increase in applications of more than 20% compared to the previous year, only few places are still available for most degree programmes.